Date Activity Procedure
15th Nov - 15th Dec, 2020 Registration Online form
15th Dec, 2020 Registration Fee UPI/Online Payment Gateway/NEFT/IMPS
31st Dec, 2020 Participation Fee UPI/Online Payment Gateway/NEFT/IMPS
20th Jan, 2021 Webinar Online as per guidelines
5th Feb, 2021 Engineering Design Report (EDR) Google Drive
7th Feb, 2021 Cost Report Google Drive
10th Feb, 2021 Innovation Report Google Drive
15th Feb, 2021 Business Plan Google Drive
25th Feb - 2nd March, 2021 Final Round Online as per guidelines
Date Activity
2nd March, 2021 Registration Starts
14th May, 2021 Participation Fee
25th May, 2021 Engine Registration
5th - 15th July, 2021 Workshop
25th - 30th July, 2021 Rider Training Program
5th Aug, 2021 Engineering Design Report
10th Aug, 2021 Cost Report
12th Aug, 2021 Business Plan
16th Aug, 2021 Innovation Report
16th Aug, 2021 Fabricated and Pre-fabricated Part List
20th - 25th Aug, 2021 In-House Technical Inspection
27th Aug, 2021 Driver Safety Gear & Other Safety Equipment
28th Aug, 2021 Manufacturing Video Submission
2nd Sep, 2021 Drivers' Medical Insurance, Physical Fitness Certificate Submission
10th Sep, 2021 Testing Report and Video Submission
25th - 29th Sep, 2021 Final Round (Tentative Dates)

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